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What is niacinamide? How will it benefit your skin?

Are you a fan of beauty products? If yes, there are good chances you would have come across the term ‘niacinamide.’ It is one of the vital skincare ingredients in various products.

But what exactly is it? How does it benefit your skin? Are there any side effects? We’re sure you would be curious about these questions.

We answer all your queries in this article. Read on to understand more details about niacinamide.

What is niacinamide?

Niacinamide is Vitamin B3 in a stable form. There are wide-ranging topical benefits of using niacinamide through skincare products. People have used it over the years to treat skin conditions like acne and eczema. It is also an effective anti-aging measure. The composition of niacinamide smoothens the skin and makes it healthy.

Niacinamide assumes importance as the human body cannot produce it naturally. You need to apply it to your skin or eat it because of its water-soluble nature. Nicotinamide and Vitamin B3 are popular names of niacinamide.

Niacinamide benefits for skin

Here are the wide-ranging benefits of niacinamide for your skin. It is safe for all age groups and suitable for varied skin types. However, you can still consult a dermatologist before using niacinamide.

  • Treats hyperpigmentation

    Niacinamide cures hyperpigmentation and its varied effects on the skin. Your skin will lighten and get a better tone with the regular use of niacinamide.

  • Promotes ceramides and elastin

    Elastin and ceramides essentially act as barriers to protect the skin from dust and pollution. Niacinamides promote their growth to give the skin a natural shield. You can expect radiant, healthy, and moisturized skin.

  • Controls excess oil on the face

    It regulates the production of excess oil on the face. Niacinamide also improves the strength of the skin barrier. Problems like acne breakout will lessen with the regular use of niacinamide.

  • Acts as antioxidant

    The topical niacinamide serum benefits also extend to its antioxidant properties. Stress, a hectic lifestyle, UV rays, and pollution damage the skin in numerous ways. Niacinamide helps overcome this problem by reducing oxidative damage to the skin.

  • Reduces skin irritation

    Niacinamide helps control skin irritation in various ways. It reduces blotchiness, redness, and inflammation.

  • Evens skin tone

    It helps improve your skin complexion without irritating your skin. Niacinamide will be your ideal partner to restore your old skin tone.

  • Acts as a calming agent

    Niacinamide comes with excellent calming properties. It is ideal for curing skin conditions like rosacea, which leads to inflammation.

Does niacinamide have any risks of side effects?

Niacinamide is generally safe to use for all skin types. However, if you have any skin infection or allergies, you may avoid it. Niacinamide will likely force your body to release histamine, leading to reaction.

It is always advisable to take a small quantity and test it on a small skin patch. You can apply it to your forearm and wait for a day to see the reaction. It is best to discontinue in case of itching, swelling, or redness. You can go ahead and use it regularly if there is no reaction.

How to select the best niacinamide product?

Niacinamide comes in various formulations and product categories. Products with 5 percent or less formula are popular. They help you treat skin damages related to sun exposure and hyperpigmentation.

People with sensitive skin types should use niacinamide with concentration levels of around 2 percent. It will also help treat skin conditions like eczema. Most niacinamide product packaging usually has words like niacin and nicotinamide.

niacinamide serum is a popular skincare product that provides an additional treatment layer to your skin. You get other benefits beyond moisturization and skin toning. You can apply niacinamide serums after toning your skin.

You can also look for face masks, cleansers, and creams with niacinamide as one of the vital components. Check out the ingredients section of products and instructions for usage.

Does niacinamide work well in combination with other ingredients?

You can improve the effectiveness of niacinamide by using it with other ingredients. If you suffer from acne breakouts, use niacinamide with zinc, folic acid, and copper. Niacinamide serums are also suitable for use with hyaluronic acid. Your skin will absorb niacinamide better in this case.

What to expect from niacinamide?

Using niacinamide regularly is essential to keep improving your skin’s health. However, you should not expect instant results like any other beauty care product. Different skin types react differently to beauty products based on various factors.

Regular use for six to eight weeks will help you smoothen and hydrate your skin. If there are no changes, you should consider a dermatologist. They will examine your skin condition and suggest relevant treatment measures.

Bottom line

Niacinamide has a range of benefits to keep your skin healthy. Use it topically each day to overcome issues like inflammation and hyperpigmentation. It will help you brighten your skin and improve its texture.

Use niacinamide products regularly to see a remarkable improvement in your skin. Most importantly, stick to the routine and keep patience for results to show up.

We have a range of niacinamide-based skincare products to help you. Browse through the product section to find the best options based on your skin type.


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